Monday, 23 January 2017

Waste management at school 2

We believe that:
- The unnecessary use of plastic and failing to recycle and recover it is an extremely serious environmental problem. 
- Schools must make sure that the students get in contact with the values of consumer education and environmental awareness, and there is a lot to do in our school in this area.

For these reasons we would like to ask the school board to help us make the following changes:

- Make recycling bins for plastics, paper and glass available in the hall, the canteen area and in some strategic points of the corridors. The Art and Visual Education Department of our school has offered to customize and adapt some of the bins we already have. 
Make the containers for bottle lids and batteries more visible and reminding students of the convenience and importance of using them by means of the teachers in charge of each group. 
- Ask the school cleaning staff to to deposit the waste from the different recycling bins in the appropriate container outside the school and make this task as easy as possible for them.
- Make a compost bucket available by the canteen and provide enough composters to turn that organic waste into compost for the school vegetable garden.
- Carry out an information and awareness raising campaign about the need to reduce the use of plastic and recycle all types of materials conveniently.
- Try to reduce the use of non reusable plastic bottles replacing them with reusable containers, which may involve improving the quality of the water from the tap.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Waste management at school 1

Today our students have been analysing how much waste we are producing in our school and how this waste is managed. There are many, many things to think about, lots of things to change. These are our conclusions:

- There are 22 waste bins in the school hall, but none of them are recycling bins. The only paper and plastic recycling bins we can find are in the staff room, a restricted area for the students.
- There is a battery disposal box available to students at the reception desk.
- There is a box for the collection of bottle lids but it is behind the reception desk and most students didn't know about it.
- Most students prefer to but water at the canteen to drinking from the tap. Most of them think it is not good quality.
- If we take a look inside any of the waste bins we can see paper cups, plastic bottles, paper napkins, juice cartons, food remnants... All mixed up.
- There isn't a compost bucket for the food remnants, so they are all discarded in a mixed waste bin.

Last Friday 16 we received a very special visit. Three representatives of Amigos da Terra Galicia came to our school for a lecture and workshop about cosumer education. 

They spoke about really interesting and relevant issues, such as the need to preserve our natural resources, the importance of being critical, responsible consumers; rejecting products that are harmful for the environment or cause unfair social situations, the need to repair, reuse and swap to prolongue the useful life of objects... They finally helped us to design our "Plastic Free A Guarda" campaign. It was a really interesting exprerience and we have learnt a lot.

November and December 2016: Information input and awareness raising

During the months of November and December we have been talking about plastics in the Biology and English lessons. These are some of the topics we have talked about:

- How are plastics produced?
- What resources are necessary to produce plastic?
- Different types of plastic.
- How long does it take for plastic to decompose?
- What are the effects of the use of plastic on the environment?
- The Great Garbage Patch.
- The life of a plastic bottle.
- How to reduce the use of plastic. Alternatives.
- Many important Rs: Reject, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Rot,   Respect...
- How to use the yellow, blue and green recycling bins.
- What can we all do at school, at home, in shops...?

Some of the materials we have used can be found here:

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